Flushing wipes causing problems for Daphne pipes

Jul 23, 2020

While wipes are a great way to contain the spread of COVID-19, they aren’t so great for our pipes.

Daphne Utilities asking you to stop flushing disinfectant wipes and those even advertised as flushable wipes.

They say they’ve been experiencing more and more clogs, and have even installed baskets at one of their lift stations near Target to help keep these out of our sewer systems.


“They don’t break down in our system. They may flush down your toilet, but they are not breaking apart. They stay intact, making clogs, so its very costly repairs, man hours, and it could eventually harm your home as well,” said Samantha Coppels, Communications Manager for Daphne Utilities.

They encourage you to keep being vigilant in the fight against COVID-19, but just to make sure you are throwing your wipes away in the trashcan.

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