NACWA Stands in Solidarity

Jun 3, 2020

NACWA is devoting this issue of the Current to an expression of our solidarity with those seeking to end racism and all its forms of injustice in our country and who are demanding a move beyond the deep divisions that have far too often led to hatred, brutal violence and the unnecessary death of Black Americans.

Though NACWA does not in its normal course of business address such social issues, we feel an overwhelming sadness as a result of the ongoing turmoil in our country and the need to condemn the violence against Black Americans that have led us to this point. We want to express our unwavering support and solidarity too with members, staff and colleagues who have faced instances of discrimination and inequality.

NACWA stands united with those who yearn to be heard and valued — isn’t this the ultimate and fundamental purpose of any association? As the country continues to find ways to move forward, we encourage you to share your ideas for how NACWA can improve itself in ways that can advance these aspirations and be part of a more permanent solution.

We recognize the limits of emails such as this; they are, frankly, easy to deliver and we recognize that the times we are living in require and demand much more.

Thank you for all you do and for considering this expression of solidarity during these harrowing times.

–NACWA’s Board of Directors and Staff

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