Macomb County Seeks Legislation On Wipes Issue

May 22, 2020

MACOMB COUNTY, MI — Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller is take new measures to get disposable wipes companies to change labeling, weeks after filing a lawsuit over the matter.

Miller is calling on federal lawmakers to pass new legislation requiring a change in labeling and marketing of disposable wipes so they aren't considered flushable. The move follows a lawsuit Miller's office filed earlier this month, seeking to compel manufacturers of the wipes to take the same action.

Miller's office has led a Wipes Clog Pipes campaign that seeks to prevent wipes from being flushed down toilets and ultimately ending up in municipal sewer systems, where they wreak havoc upon pumps and related systems.


"We are looking at all possible options to solve what is really an international problem," Miller said in a statement. "Nobody is saying don't use these wipes. The issue is that when they get flushed, they don't biodegrade.

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