NACWA’s Water Quality Committee Met Via Zoom; Addressed Nutrient, PFAS and Pandemic Issues

May 13, 2020

(May 13, 2020) – NACWA’s Water Quality Committee convened a Zoom conference call on May 7 and discussed a variety of key nutrient issues as well as concerns surrounding sampling wastewater influent as a means of tracking coronavirus in local populations. NACWA continues to engage its members as this effort evolves and encourages members to contact us with concerns or issues they are experiencing.

On the PFAS front, EPA continues its work to advance the PFAS Action Plan. The Agency extended the public comment period to June 10 on its proposal to make a regulatory determination to potentially establish a primary drinking water regulation for PFOA/PFOS. Although this rulemaking would impact drinking water utilities, EPA did include an opportunity to provide feedback on more general questions surrounding how the Agency should consider regulating PFAS in the future (e.g., individually, categorically, or by treatment technique). In a separate effort, EPA continues working on water quality criteria and is exploring opportunities to expedite human health and aquatic life criteria for PFAS.

Also, EPA is poised to release an update on lake nutrient criteria any day now with an opportunity for public comment. NACWA will keep members informed when this is available for review.

If members have questions, please contact Chris Hornback or Emily Remmel.

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