Hillsborough scares customers with ‘Clogg Monster’ to keep sewer pipes clean

Apr 21, 2020

When the going got tough for those quarantining without stockpiles of toilet paper, people got going with so-called flushable wipes. And paper towels. And diapers. And, in one case, lingerie.

They’ve seen it before, Hillsborough County’s Public Utilities workers say. Everyone tosses a napkin or two down the loo over the course of their lives when there’s no spare square to be found.

But since the coronavirus hit, shuttering businesses and parks and everywhere else people go, they have only once place to work, play — and flush.

Down below, utility workers are struggling to clean pipes stopped up by balls of waste they call Clogg Monsters — “two G’s because it’s extra gross," their public service announcement says.

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