KC Water Sends A Thank You Message To Essential Workers

Apr 17, 2020

KC Water would like to take this time to thank the essential workers of KC Water and all essential workers who report to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

KC Water treats over 90 million gallons of water nearly every day and delivers it to Kansas City and surrounding communities via 2,800 miles of pipeline and it all begins at the Missouri River. The KC Water employees who start their jobs every morning understand how valuable their work is to the community. Each job serves a purpose from the moment the water is removed from the river to when our associates safely return it back to the river.

"I salute and thank all of our workers who continue to provide quality water services. We are a team and I appreciate everyone's dedication. We will continue the work that is needed and make changes as necessary to safeguard everyone's health and well-being," said KC Water Director Terry Leeds.
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