Water utility officials plead for public to only flush TP; flushing wipes, paper towels can lead to unpleasant results

Apr 16, 2020

What happens when families everywhere are staying home and all using the same bathroom? Backups!

Clean Water Services, a water resources management utility in Washington County, has always responded to plugged-up pump stations, but the problem has gotten worse since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So many people are working from home, and so I think that has increased the amount of wipes that are being utilized on a daily basis throughout the home,” said Jorge Fregoso, a pump station maintenance supervisor with Clean Water Services.


Carelessness can lead to not only dangers within your home, but also for your community.

“Certainly, with the lack of toilet paper available in stores right now, we’re seeing an influx of all sorts of odd things getting flushed down the toilet, which leads to clogged pumps and overflows and is a public health concern from our standpoint,” said Jared Kinnear, a recycled water program manager with Clean Water Services.

Two months ago, Kinnear experienced a problem of his own.

“We came home from skiing, and there was three inches of water in the basement. Basically rain coming out of the ceiling,” he told FOX 12.

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