Small & Mid-Size Utility Executives Connect On COVID-19

Apr 10, 2020

(April 10, 2020) – NACWA’s Small and Mid-Size Utility Executive Workgroup hosted a call on April 6 as a follow-up to the Association’s COVID-19 Webinar. Nearly 50 utility executives came together to discuss best practices and continuity of operation resources as well as financial implications related to the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the many topics covered was how these utilities, with limited staff and resources, are addressing personnel challenges, as well as newly implemented training opportunities and safety protocols for their operators and staff. With nearly a third of NACWA’s membership comprised of small & mid-size utilities, this call provided an opportunity for utility executive peer-to-peer connections and collaboration specific to this demographic of utilities. Resources shared on the call have been posted to NACWA’s COVID-19 Resource Page.

Utility executives on the call were also encouraged to remain active in contacting their representatives in Congress to communicate the challenges facing their utilities and the support they need. If any of NACWA’s small utilities have resources they would like to share, or should they wish to join the Small & Mid-Size Utility Executive Workgroup, please email membership@nacwa.org.

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