Baby wipes, towelettes, disinfecting sheets? Don’t flush ’em

Apr 8, 2020

COVID-19 has made toilet paper a daily conversation topic and social media meme; and for the past month local stores have scrambled to keep wet wipes, towelettes and disposable disinfectant sheets stocked on shelves.

So, long as we’re on the topic — do you think those products are all flushable?

“Now people are buying these disposable disinfectant cloths in larger quantities — and many items you’ll see labeled and marketed as “flushable” definitely should not be disposed of down the toilet, especially here in Payson and Rim Country where septic systems are common,” said Gila County’s Wastewater Manager Jake Garrett.


“Toilets and septic systems are designed for human waste and paper tissue that easily disintegrates in water — so this temporary shortage of toilet paper gives us all a timely reminder that a septic system can be expensive to maintain or rebuild, if its not used correctly.”

He went on to say, “These items are no more flushable than cigarette butts. An old Navy vet once told me “Nothing goes into the head unless you ate it first. I’d say other than biodegradable, septic safe toilet paper.”

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