An Air Force base in California is learning the hard way why you shouldn't flush flushable wipes

Apr 8, 2020

Beale Air Force Base, California — The 9th Civil Engineering Squadron (9CES) provides many skills and mission essential aspects such as, airfield maintenance, fire emergency services, explosive ordnance disposal and utility system construction to name few around the 9th Reconnaissance Wing.

With the COVID-19 pandemic quarantining airmen and families, pipe clogging due to flushable wipes has risen. The 9th Civil Engineering Squadron (9CES) has been taken away from the mission due to this issue.

"In theory using the flushable wipes sound like a good idea, but in reality it's actually very harmful to the plumbing system and the environment." said Master Sgt. Destrey Robbins, 9CES Water & Fuel Systems section chief.

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