‘Flushable’ wipes clog sewer pipes, officials say

Apr 7, 2020

PORT TOWNSEND — So-called flushable wipes are actually not flushable and can clog sewer pipes and pumps, the city of Port Townsend said in a press release.

Disinfection products help prevent the spread of COVID-19. All such wipes, even those that claim to be flushable, should be thrown into the trash rather than down the toilet, the city’s Public Works Department said.

“Wipes and other cleaning products cause sewer blockages, backups, overflows, and can damage pumps and other critical infrastructure,” the release said.


“City crews are now needing to inspect key areas where sewer pipes are susceptible to clogging from such items three times a week.”

The city’s Public Works Department is working with a limited staff, operating on a rotating schedule.

“Our crews have been doing extra patrols of the problem areas of our sewer system because of disinfection wipes being flushed,” said Steve King, the new Public Works director.

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