Wipes clog pipes: What you wipe with is your business, but what you flush could cause problems for everybody else

Apr 2, 2020

Unless you were involved in the early (and seemingly irrational) COVID-19 toilet paper stockpiling frenzy, you've probably noticed that the paper product we once took for granted has become near impossible to find.

Grocery store shelves where hoards of toilet paper once sat are now empty, toilet paper vendors on Amazon and eBay are sold out, TP-related memes are now almost as popular online as dog videos, and sparing a square is officially considered volunteer work. And that, for a variety of reasons, is cause for great concern.

From bidets and wet wipes to Kleenex and paper towels, Americans are being forced to become increasingly adventurous with what products they use for you-know-what in you-know-where. And that has landlords and officials in the wastewater industry worried.

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