Clark County officials warn 'flushable' wipes can clog pipes

Apr 2, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Clark County Water Reclamation District is reminding the community to stop flushing personal wipes, even those with "flushable" on the packaging.

During the recent "run" on toilet paper in local stores (and emphasis on disinfecting surface areas), many customers have increased their purchase and use of personal wipes.

"We know personal wipes are popular and effective, but please throw them in the trash," said General Manager Tom Minwegen.

The district's collection and treatment teams said they are observing more wipes getting into the pipelines and treatment facilities.

The personal care products do not dissolve in the water and cause stoppages in the system.

Crews are cleaning the wipes out of lift (pump) stations multiple times each week, in addition to the thousands that get through the pipes into the treatment facility.

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