To flush or not to flush?

Apr 1, 2020

CLEVELAND — Last week, I did a story focusing on the great toilet paper panic of 2020 in which I first went out to assess the situation for myself…and then I suggested several helpful alternatives that people can use in a worst-case scenario (coffee filters, anyone?).

So you can imagine my shock when I was ATTACKED online by none other than the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer for giving people what they considered to be “questionable advice”. 

My journalistic integrity had been challenged, so I decided to reach out to my latest online adversary directly, in order to clear the air…and I had a very enlightening Zoom conversation with Senior Public Information Specialist Jenn Elting. 

So, the Sewer District and I managed to bury the hatchet AND I learned about some of the many things that are NOT considered flushable. Which, as it turns out, is literally everything but toilet paper. Who knew? Take note, Northeast Ohio.

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