Local plumber says flushable wipes aren’t flushable

Apr 1, 2020

With many of you having a harder time finding toilet paper, some are buying flushable wipes or paper towels instead.

Are those flushable wipes really flushable, though?

Garry Wise, owner of Wise Plumbing here in North Alabama says “NO."

He says the wipes don’t dissolve like toilet paper, which could cause your toilet to stop flushing.

And he tells us the only way to clear them out is with a sewer machine. Wise says he’s already responded to one call in Decatur for this reason.

“One service call on a three story building. It took about three hours to unstop their line. They had sewage water coming up through their floor drain. They couldn’t use any of their facility bathrooms. And when I pulled it out I pulled out the flushable wipes. Paper towels, flushable wipes they aren’t made to go down your drain.,” Wise said.

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