‘It’s definitely a concern for us’; Officials warn against flushing wipes, other hygiene products

Apr 1, 2020

ST. GEORGE — When it comes to paper towels, napkins, tissues and so-called “flushable wipes” that aren’t so flushable, whether you are on a city system or septic system, various municipalities and professionals in Southern Utah are asking residents to pay special attention to what’s going down the whirling waters of the toilet bowl.

Officials are reminding people to reserve their flushes for toilet paper and natural waste only, because anything else has the potential to clog and back up the system.

“We have seen an increase in things being flushed down the toilet with the last two to three weeks,” said Scott Taylor, water services director for the city of St. George.

With toilet paper being virtually nonexistent on grocery store shelves – as well as a run on disinfectant wipes – due to panic-buying triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, both county and municipal water officials have begun to see an increase in the use of disposable wipes and other materials that doesn’t dissolve while traveling through sewer pipe.

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