COVD-19’s unexpected aftershock: A potential health crisis within our sewer systems (Guest viewpoint)

Mar 31, 2020

They teach us in high school physics that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

The same is true in times of crisis.

Those who purchased pallets of toilet tissue at the start of the COVD-19 crisis left many with the need to pursue other options. Among them: a type of fabric paper product marketed as “flushable wipes.” In addition, the understandable demand for latex gloves is now seeing many of them flushed down the toilet. The results are predictable and dangerous.

Despite their disclaimers, flushable wipes are NOT flushable and they have the potential to create a serious public health crisis that only adds to our current pandemic issue. Those who dispose of them down the toilet are clogging wastewater treatment systems that are dependent on free-flowing water to ensure the safety and wellbeing of an entire community.

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