Shredded T-shirts used as toilet paper clogged California city's sewer, officials believe

Mar 20, 2020

REDDING, Calif. – The toilet paper shortage is leading some people to resort to other ways of wiping and it caused a problem for part of the Redding sewer system Wednesday night.

Someone apparently used shredded T-shirts when they didn't have toilet tissue, wastewater management officials said Thursday.

As a result, one of the city's sewer lines backed up at a lift station and workers had to take quick action to avert a dangerous spill.

"The pumps were clogged by what appeared to be shredded T-shirts that were used in place of toilet paper," the city said.

If you don't have toilet paper, city wastewater officials have this advice for other materials: "Bag it. Don't flush it."

Sewer officials:Don't flush these materials down the toilet

Ryan Bailey, assistant director of public works, said a resident called to say a toilet wasn't flushing.

"Their system wasn't working well," Bailey said.

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