EPA Announces Supplemental Transparency in Science Proposal

Mar 20, 2020

(March 20, 2020) – Almost two years after EPA published its initial Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science proposed rulemaking, EPA announced a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking (SNPRM) on March 3 to further clarify details on what the Agency plans to achieve.

Like the 2018 proposal, EPA’s new proposal is seeking to make all scientific information, including data and models that may or may not be publicly available, now public for independent validation and analysis. Unlike the 2018 proposal, the SNPRM is much broader and applies to “influential scientific information” in addition to significant regulatory decisions.

NACWA submitted comments on EPA’s 2018 proposal advocating that objective, evidence-based science serve as the foundation for any EPA action but also the need for increased transparency during the regulatory process wherever possible.

A public comment period will open for 30 days, once the SNPRM is published in the Federal Register.  If members have questions or concerns regarding EPA’s SNPRM on science and transparency, please contact Emily Remmel, NACWA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs.

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