Detroit's water department kicks off neighborhood water, sewer upgrades

Mar 6, 2020

Detroit — The city's water department on Wednesday kicked off a $44 million project that will upgrade water infrastructure in two city neighborhoods as part of a five-year effort to rejuvenate the aging water system.

The effort — leading off in the Cornerstone Village and North Rosedale Park neighborhoods — is the first by the city's Water and Sewerage Department to both the water and sewer systems, officials announced at a groundbreaking convened on the city's east side. 

Duggan said the effort is the latest moving ahead to invest in Detroit neighborhoods and residents. 

"This is a different day in Detroit," the mayor said during a news conference on Hillcrest Street, noting broken fire hydrants, water main breaks and sinkholes that have long plagued the city. "Things have changed. Now we're progressing to what a professionally run city does, which is take an entire area at once, replace the water and sewer systems at the same time."

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