New project to tackle Puget Sound's growing polluted stormwater

Feb 26, 2020

SEATTLE — Local researchers say at least 14 to 94 million pounds of contaminants like oil, grease and toxic metals get mixed with stormwater in Puget Sound every year. Now a new public-private partnership is tackling the growing problem.

The runoff from the Aurora Bridge is the target for a new project. Nonprofits like The Nature Conservancy are working together with local companies like Stephen C. Grey & Associates and Boeing to address the issue. Even the Washington State Legislature approved $500,00 to help with this project.

"Stormwater is the largest source of pollution to Puget Sound," said Chris Hilton, The Nature Conservancy's urban partnership director.

Our stormwater can be downright gross. Runoff water can be as black as a cup of coffee - as described by Mark Grey, the developer with the vision for the new Aurora Bridge stormwater project.

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