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Feb 19, 2020

(February 19, 2020) – In support of its advocacy efforts on behalf of the public clean water sector, NACWA’s leadership and staff regularly field questions from members of the national, local and trade press to provide insight and expert analysis on clean water-related topics. Below, you can find a snapshot of where NACWA has been featured in the media on a variety of topics, from Integrated Planning and Combined Sewer Overflows to NACWA’s own National Environmental Achievement Awards, which were presented at the association’s recent Winter Conference in Atlanta, GA.  

On January 24, NACWA CEO Adam Krantz was quoted in a New York Times article on Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Consent Decree Reopeners, saying “Water utilities are environmentalists and public stewards. To the extent more time or flexibility is requested on a given consent decree, it is because it is needed to attain compliance [with the terms of that agreement.]” While the article itself failed to paint a full and accurate picture of the issue, it is encouraging to know that national outlets like The Times look to NACWA’s considerable expertise on these issues.  
On February 5, Bloomberg Environment ran an in-depth story on the public clean water sector’s efforts to locate the sources of PFAS in their influent. NACWA’s comments to EPA were highlighted in this feature; “Public utilities—who are not manufacturers or sources of PFAS but receivers who generally must accept whatever has been discharged into their collection systems—are beginning to evaluate the makeup of industrial users in their communities to determine if they may be sources of PFAS.” You can read the full story, including these comments filed by NACWA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs, Emily Remmel, here.  
On February 10, USA Today featured an article about Utah’s state-wide Toilets are Not Trashcans campaign. NACWA’s own Cynthia Finley, Director of Regulatory Affairs, has led this campaign at the national level, and was thrilled to see it being promoted at the state level as well. The association hopes to see more communities raising awareness around the labeling of flushable wipes – which, in many cases, are not actually flushable - which can help prevent thousands of dollars in maintenance repairs and damaged sewerage systems; a cost that is almost always passed onto ratepayers. 
On February 10, Water Finance & Management picked up NACWA’s press release congratulating its National Environmental Achievement Award winners, which featured the following statement from CEO Adam Krantz, “These NACWA members continue to act as forward-thinking stewards of the environment, ensuring compliance with the Clean Water Act while also displaying unparalleled dedication and commitment to serving their ratepayers. Congratulations!” 
On February 10, Patch.com reported on Marin County’s Ben Horenstein, winner of the National Environmental Achievement Award for Distinguished Service. NACWA was proud to have presented this award during its Winter Conference in Atlanta, GA.  
On February 12, NACWA’s Chief Advocacy Officer and General Counsel, Nathan Gardner-Andrews, was quoted in a PFAS-related article in Circle of Blue related to costs and cleanup around the chemical family and whether it should be exempt under Superfund liability. Gardner-Andrews was quoted as saying, “We’re required under law to treat every drop that comes into our system. If you’re going to exempt airports because they have no choice but to use the foams, then we feel the same reasoning should apply to wastewater plants.”  
On February 12, National Environmental Achievement Award Winner, Garland Water Utilities, in Garland, TX, was featured in Garland’s Civic Alerts for their award in the Operations and Environmental Performance category. NACWA CEO Adam Krantz was quoted, “The individuals and member clean water utilities honored here tonight collectively represent the best and brightest innovators and leaders in the municipal water sector.” We’re proud to see NEAA award winners being shown their due appreciation in their communities. 

To discuss NACWA’s media activities, or for help in fielding questions from the press in your area, please contact David Zielonka, NACWA’s Manager of Media and Communications. 

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