County hears advantages of regional sewer district

Feb 19, 2020

AUBURN — A 2019 report identifies 23 “areas of concern” for septic systems in rural DeKalb County.

Monday, DeKalb County Commissioners heard about a possible solution — forming a regional sewer district.

The areas of concern include 680 homes, in all regions of the county, that have aging septic systems. In many cases, the homes might not qualify for replacement systems, based on today’s standards.


Those 680 homes all lie within the potential reach of the county’s city and town sewage systems, the report says.

Among the largest concentrations of possible new sewer customers are:

• along C.R. 427 south of Auburn, 115 homes;

• along C.R. 36 north of Auburn, 77 homes;

• near C.R. 35 and C.R. 40-A east of Auburn, 69 homes; and

• Holiday Lakes south of Garrett, 65 homes.

“Septics are failing. They’re dying fast everywhere,” County Commissioner Don Grogg said Monday.

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