Your 'flushable wipes' aren't actually flushable, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District warns

Feb 18, 2020

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) shared a photo of what really happens to pipes when you use "flushable wipes."

MMSD took to Facebook to issue a warning to Milwaukee residents: flushable wipes may damage or ruin your home plumbing.

The post included a photo of a clog at their Port Washington Road Pumping Station. According to MMSD, this kind of clog can cost thousands of dollars to remove.

Additionally, MMSD mentioned that these wipes not only affect their pipes, but yours as well.

In the Facebook post, MMSD said, "If flushable wipes get stuck in your home lateral pipe, a clog could cost you thousands to fix."

So, before flushing those "flushable wipes" down the toilet, think about what they may be doing to your pipes.

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