‘Unusual number’ of wet wipes clog Brownsburg sewage-treatment system

Feb 13, 2020

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — Brownsburg is issuing a warning: Sewage could back up into homes if people continue to flush things down the toilet that don’t belong there.

The warning comes after an “unusual number” of wet wipes came through the sewage-treatment system this week.

Wet wipes belong in the trash can, not in the sewer system. Brownsburg had flooding issues because of wet wipes last summer and were hoping people had learned their lesson.

When a large chunk of wet wipes came through the system this week, they thought people could use a bit of a reminder.

Two weeks worth of compacted wipes raked from the Brownsburg sewer system is not a pretty sight. Brownsburg has a dumpster full of wipes that came through the system, but that doesn’t include what’s still caught in the town’s pipes.

“If we continue to have different types of materials dumped into our sewer systems that shouldn’t go in there, we’re going to continue to see the possibility of sewer backups in different areas,” Wastewater Superintendent Kathy Dillon said.

Brownsburg staff said even if the label says flushable or biodegradable, realistically they’re not. The wipes can recombine or won’t biodegrade fast enough in the sewer system.

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