Milwaukee Sewerage District: 'Flushable' wipes could cause costly repairs

Feb 11, 2020

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District has a warning about what can happen if you flush your child's "flushable" wipes down the toilet.

The wipes caused a clog at the Port Washington Road Pumping Station.

Officials say it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to clear the pipes. 

The water treatment plant says flushable wipes are a bit misleading.

"It is a little misleading, yeah," said Patrick Obenauf. "Again, they're flushable because they can go down the toilet, but it's not really dissolvable like other wastewater is...other stuff that goes down the toilet."

Officials say families risk clogging pipes in their home by flushing the wipes. 

They recommend throwing the wipes in the garbage instead.

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