Lawmakers want Utahns to stop flushing wet wipes, pills

Feb 11, 2020

KAYSVILLE, Utah – Lawmakers want Utahns to rethink about what’s flushed down the toilet.

Clogs at sewer plants cost taxpayers about $3 million a year. A state representative asked for $150,000 to tell Utahns that “The Toilet is Not The Trash.”

At the Central Davis Wastewater Treatment Facility in Kaysville, flushed wet wipes get caught in a grinder.

"Then it gets dropped down into the tube and it goes to the dumpster," said Central Davis Sewer District Manager Jill Jones.

That is, if the wet wipes don't get clogged in a pipe first.

"There have been numerous times that we have found pumps that have been plugged up with wet wipes,” Jones said.

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