County considering regional sewer district

Feb 11, 2020

Should the county create a regional sewer district to help address septic issues around the county?

That is what the Dubois County Commissioners are trying to determine. They have been researching the idea of having such a district.

“We’ve had some concerns of septic issues throughout the county that have been brought to our attention over the last five years,” Commissioner Elmer Brames said. “Creating a regional sewer district could be the first step in putting together some kind of ability to manage that whole situation.”

But the commissioners don’t know if they want to do that.

Eleisha Shelton, development specialist with the Rural Community Assistance Program, told the commissioners last week that there are different options for districts. The Rural Community Assistance Program, or RCAP, provides consulting services to help communities tackle wastewater treatment and drinking water needs. The consulting services are free to communities, as RCAP receives federal funding to operate.

Blessinger asked Shelton to come to the commissioners meeting last week to start the conversation.
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