Project Nashville: Sewer issues hit cities due to rapid development, aging infrastructure

Jan 24, 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — This week’s Project Nashville focuses on a rather stinky topic: sewer overflows. It's a problem plaguing many cities due, in part, to rapid development and aging infrastructure.

FOX 17 News captured video of a sewage overflow in Brentwood, on Hillsboro Road, by the Lenox Park Subdivision. This was after a big rain.

FOX 17 News Anchor Stacy Case caught neighbor Philip Martindale working in his yard and showed him the numbers. More than 5 million gallons spilled out in 2019 from several Brentwood locations.

“That's concerning. You know, honestly I had no idea. We're kind of uphill, upstream and out of sight out of mind. So, it's very concerning that type of things is happening in this neighborhood especially with some new development coming in in the immediate area," Martindale said.

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