City of Dayton water & sewer rates could increase

Jan 9, 2020


DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Dayton residents could soon see their water bill go up as the city considers increasing water rates an average of $12, per billing cycle.

A massive water main break last February Cost the city of Dayton thousands of dollars to repair.Michael Powell, director for city’s Department of Water, said this was a special case, but still, they're working to maintain the infrastructure's quality.

"We want to do it proactively than doing it reactively,” said Powell. “We've been targeting replacing, especially on the water and sanitary side, about one-percent of our system.”

He said the city has been doing this since about 2013.

But these types of repairs come at a cost. To help with the bill, Dayton residents could see their water, sewer and stormwater rates go up on their utility bill.

"A typical household will see an increase of about $1 per week,” Powell said.

That's about $12 per quarterly billing cycle. Some believe it's worth it.

"If it's for a positive project or anything positive I’m behind it,” said Tony Prescott.

Others feel many are struggling to get by as it is.

"I don't like increases because we already have enough bills that are topped out at high prices, and so to raise something else it's kind of hard,” said James Brown.

The city is anticipating the same increase for the next three years to help with future upgrades, that’s about $48 more on average per billing cycle.

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