U.S. Supreme Court directs Maryland to respond to Carroll in case on stormwater regulation

Dec 20, 2019


The U.S. Supreme Court has not yet indicated whether it will take up a case brought by Carroll County’s government, but it has directed the State of Maryland to respond to the county’s request.

Carroll County and the Maryland Department of the Environment disagree on how much land county government should be responsible for in respect to statewide efforts to limit the pollutants that rainwater washes into the Chesapeake Bay. County commissioners in October chose to take its case to the nation’s highest court.

Although the Supreme Court has yet to decide whether it will hear Carroll’s case, the court recently ordered the State of Maryland to file a response to Carroll’s action. Meanwhile, since the commissioners voted to send the case to the high court, Carroll has gained support from several associations composed of local governments, including outside Maryland.

One of those associations is the Maryland Municipal Stormwater Association, of which Carroll County is listed as a member online.

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