Watch what you flush: Flushable wipes causing strain on area sewage system

Dec 16, 2019


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – You may want to think twice before flushing those disposable wipes.

Turns out, flushable wipes put a huge strain on our area sewage system.

“Anytime things that don’t disintegrate get into our pipes or into our basins, in our system, it can wreak havoc on our system,” said Sonia Allman, spokesperson for Metro Water Services.

News 2 got a glimpse at the West Park Sewer Pumping Station.

Unlike toilet paper, most flushable wipes don’t break down.

Allman said, instead, they tear and intertwine with other materials to clog sewer pipes.

At West Park, the pumping station’s rakes operate every 15 minutes, separating wastewater from material that can’t break down.

Allman said the popularity of the products has a direct impact on the system.

“It puts additional strain on pumps, so over a period of time with the additional strain on the plants, the additional manpower, replacing moving parts that can be broken – it becomes an issue,” said Allman.

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