The MDC wants to increase water rates by 14 percent, angering lawmakers

Nov 26, 2019


A proposed water rate increase for the Greater Hartford area has outraged some state lawmakers who are calling for increased oversight of the Metropolitan District Commission, the regional water and sewer authority.

The municipal corporation’s proposed budget for 2020 includes raising the water rate from $3.50 per hundred cubic feet to $4.01, a 14.57% increase, according to MDC. Sewer rates will also rise by $1 per month, increasing from $6 to $7.

The water rate has risen roughly 25 percent over the past two years, from a low of $3.14 in 2018.

State Sen. Derek Slap, D-West Hartford, called MDC’s proposed rate increase “outrageous and unsustainable." He added that it “raises a larger issue about accountability and transparency at the MDC.”

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