Menahga buys ‘sewer chewer’ for rag issue

Nov 26, 2019


So-called “flushable” wipes don’t break down after flushing. Instead, they clog sewer pipes and pumps, resulting in damage and maintenance costs.

At the Menahga City Council’s Nov. 12 meeting, Yliniemi pointed out the city has tried multiple ways to tell Menahga residents not to flush “disposable” wipes, towels, diapers, etc. because they get snarled in the city’s sewer system. “It still hasn’t fixed our rag issues,” he said. “It’s happening everywhere.”

The city council agreed to purchase a $36,536 “sewer chewer” from Minnesota Pump Works of Dundas, Minn., plus $1,900 for electrical hookup. The 2019 model is presently on sale, Yliniemi said. If they wait until 2020, the grinder will cost closer to $50,000.

Mayor Joan Liimatta and council member Robyn Keranen agreed that the grinder is a large expense, but likely small compared to repairs over time.

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