KC Water: Fats, grease and oils should be frozen and thrown away

Nov 22, 2019


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When you're thinking about all the fats, grease and oils that goes along with cooking a big meal, KC Water is urging people to freeze that grease and throw it out.

Pouring grease down the drain with hot water or soap does not help.

"Grease will still settle down, once the water goes," KC Water Utilities Cleaning Supervisor, Terrance Buckman said. "It'll get cold and hard and overtime it'll block your private line or get out into the main line where it blocks the line where it could cause a problem not only for your house, but the whole neighborhood."

Grease that is accumulated in the pipes causes other material and debris start sticking to it, which could cause a backup to your private line and the main line, disrupting the neighborhood.

"We can have an overflow where it's grease where it comes out of the sewer lines, that gets into the storm lines, that goes into the lakes and ponds, now they're contaminated, now we have to work on getting them back to their natural state," Buckman said.

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