Central San: Wipes fail 'flushable' test

Oct 30, 2019

No matter what a label might say, wipes are not flushable and staff from the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District want residents to know that flushing wipes can only cause damage to pipes and waterways.

To challenge the prevalent misinformation on the flushability of wipes, Central San officials conducted a test of 10 popular North American wipe brands, two imported wipes and one toilet paper sample to spend 30 to 40 minutes traveling through 3,000 feet of active sewer line.

According to Central San officials, the verdict reveals that nine out of 10 so-called flushable wipes do not break down and can cause raw sewage overflows in streets, waterways and homes. In contrast, toilet paper and both foreign imported wipe products completely broke down while traveling through sewer lines.

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