Wastewater experts: Stop flushing wet wipes, even if manufacturers say it’s safe

Oct 15, 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS — Have you ever flushed a wet wipe down the toilet? The wipes are a billion dollar industry, but wastewater experts say flushing them is causing sewage back-ups and a multi-million dollar mess. Wastewater experts say unless it is toilet paper you shouldn't flush it down, begging people to stop flushing wet wipes, even if manufacturers say it’s safe.

Sewer system experts aren't convinced "flushable wipes" break down fast enough to prevent problems. In Colorado Springs new technology aims to hold flushers accountable for any problems.

"What would you see right here it's a common typical everyday scenario as you can see a lot of baby wipes," said Colorado Springs Utilities Wastewater Operator Chris Fernandez. "Flushable wipes, toys, plastics anything that somebody would throw in a toilet it's going to come here."

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