Trumbull set to combine sewer districts

Oct 15, 2019

WARREN — Trumbull County commissioners on Wednesday combined its two sewer districts into one.

The Trumbull County Metropolitan Sanitary Sewer District and the Trumbull County Mosquito Creek Sanitary Sewer District are now subdistricts of the Trumbull County Combined Sanitary Sewer District.

Trumbull County sanitary sewer customers shouldn’t notice much of a difference in their bills — if anything, they may include the new name of the district, but there won’t be any rate increase.

While the goal is to have one single rate for customers in both districts by 2026, customers in the Mosquito Creek subdistrict shouldn’t see a rate increase until 2023 at the earliest, and customers in the Metro subdistrict shouldn’t see a rate increase until 2021, said Gary Newbrough, Trumbull County deputy sanitary engineer.

Right now, people in the Metro subdistrict pay $6.66 per thousand gallons of sewage treated and people in the Mosquito Creek subdistrict pay $5.75 per thousand gallons of sewage treated.

“There won’t be a uniform rate right away, but the two subdistricts will be allowed to share funds,” Newbrough said. “For the last three years, Mosquito Creek has had a $1.6 million surplus, but Metro has been running a deficit of about $300,000 a year. Now that we have combined the two districts, we can anticipate a combined surplus of $10 million. With that type of surplus, we really have no reason to increase the rates immediately.”

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