Report Examines Water Career Opportunities for African Americans

Sep 18, 2019

(September 18, 2019) – A new report, published by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, examines potential careers and opportunities for African Americans in the water sector. 

The report notes that a confluence of factors, including a high level of anticipated retirements in the water sector over the coming years, an expected increase in local investment in water infrastructure, and the need for the sector to better diversify its workforce, all provide an important opportunity for people of color to enter water sector jobs. 

The report highlights that water sector jobs, on average, pay more than jobs in other sectors and provide important opportunities to learn new skills.  It also concludes that African American communities across the United States should become more aware of the vast opportunities in the water sector, including the aim and mission of the water utility of the future that promotes more community engagement, empowerment and economic development. 

NACWA helped to fund development of the report in conjunction with the U.S. Water Alliance and other stakeholders.   

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