Utah sewage officials say flushable wipes are their ‘worst nightmare’

Aug 23, 2019

Utah lawmakers got their first look this week at a public relations campaign aimed at educating residents on “the three P’s” that can be flushed down a toilet.

“Pee, poo, paper,” said Jill Jones, general manager of the Central Davis Sewer District. “And that’s it.”

Jones, during a presentation Wednesday to members of the Public Utilities, Energy and Technology Interim Committee, said she and other sewage treatment managers are working together on the upcoming campaign. She said they are responding to the rise in popularity of products that are marketed as toilet-safe but that lead to the clogging of pipes and sewer pumps and result in costly maintenance and repairs.


“Today, we want to talk to you about our worst nightmare,” Jones told committee members. “That’s wet wipes — including flushable wipes.”

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