CU students create pamphlets to help wastewater systems

Aug 9, 2019

CASTLETON — As a part of Castleton’s new Content Lab, students are helping Green Mountain Water Environment Association (GMWEA) design a series of helpful pamphlets teaching Vermonters about how everything they touch, eventually, ends up in the water.


“Aluminum cleaners, any kind of polish, oven cleaner, hair dyes, chemicals, herbicides, weed killers ... antifreeze, auto transmission fluid ... (even) paint,” said Daniel Hecht, executive director of GMWEA. “Our portion is to educate Vermont citizens as to what not to put in their wastewater ... (so) I proposed a publication of four brochures, each brochure would tell each person what not to flush.”


A grant, which amounted to $10,000 from the EPA to the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission and the Lake Champlain Basin Program, would set up the distribution of free literature to 250 of Vermont’s towns, informing residents how to be more conscious of the things they toss out and what disasters they can turn into for municipal and private waste-water systems.

And the design contract went to Castleton University’s Content Lab, whose students designed, created and published the first round of brochures to be circulated around the state earlier this month, Hecht said.

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