Storage tank prevents sewer overflows into the lake

Aug 6, 2019

The Northwest Water and Sewer District in 2015 designed an above ground 2 million gallon flow equalization basin or sanitary sewer overflow storage tank to hold sewage and storm water during heavy rain events before it is released and treated by Oregon’s sanitary sewer treatment plant.
“Everything seems to be working fine,” said Northwood City Administrator Bob Anderson.
Northwood has a contract with the district for water and sewer services from Toledo and Oregon.
Oregon has an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency to make improvements to its system, which affects the district. The district can only allow 5 million gallons of storm water and sewage per day to run into Oregon. It didn’t exceed that level in dry weather. However, under wet weather, it was a problem.
In 2014, the district reviewed the flow over 18 months and determined it had exceeded 5 million gallons a day 60 times.
The district’s contract with Oregon had been renewed, but it mandated the implementation of a new control structure for the flow, which travels down one main line into the city of Oregon before it is treated.  
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