Should the Baltimore water system be overseen by a regional authority?

Jul 31, 2019

Some members of the Baltimore County Council say it’s time to rethink management of the water system that serves Baltimore and surrounding counties.

The council is considering a resolution supporting the creation of a regional authority to handle the area’s water and sewer needs. The measure doesn’t spell out details, but urges the county administration — along with city, state, and other officials — to investigate the idea.

The Baltimore Department of Public Works manages the water system, which provides drinking water to 1.8 million people in the region, including about 235,000 county household and businesses. The system’s three reservoirs are owned and operated by the city, but located in Baltimore County. The city handles water billing, but the county handles sewer billing for its residents. Each jurisdiction charges its own rates, which are rising in both places, vexing many residents.

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