Students learn to appreciate clean water at STEM camp in Montgomery County

Jul 26, 2019

GERMANTOWN, Md. (ABC7) — 25 Montgomery County Middle School students wrapped up a week-long summer STEM camp Friday that could easily be described as ‘unusual’. The camp, put on by Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, is designed to teach students from 5th to 9th grades about how raw sewage is treated and returned to the environment.

The camp is held at the Seneca Water Resource Recovery facility. The students are taught the fundamentals of how wastewater is treated at the plant and the science behind filtering water.

The STEM coordinator for WSSC, Angela Ballard-Landers, says the students first, “toured the plant so they saw how water comes in, which doesn’t look pleasant; but how it leaves better than it came in.”

8th grader Ti’Anna Thomas was quick to sum up the experience by saying, “It’s pretty gross.”

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