Don’t flush that! The secret culprit that’s damaging Jefferson Co. water equipment and could be driving up your sewer bill

Jul 26, 2019

Flushable wipes. You use them for all kinds of needs from wiping the bar-b-que sauce from your mouth after the cookout to wiping down your child’s nose.

And, it says right on the package they are safe to flush– so that has to be true, right? Well, turns out these flushable wipes aren’t flushable at all. According to this Jefferson County plant manager, wet wipes are not biodegradable, as one might assume– and you may not like the consequences.

The wipes wreak havoc on the sewer system and can cause some pretty serious damage. Damage that could end up raising the cost of your sewer bill. Find out how you can help prevent this issue. 
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