PB Wastewater Utility upgrading infrastructure

Jul 17, 2019

The Pine Bluff Wastewater Utility has been busy adding new infrastructure to their system to help alleviate problems that have plagued the system in recent years. One of the largest improvements is a new pump station on Phillips Taylor Road, which runs parallel to I-530 near the Highway 65 exit.

Pine Bluff Wastewater Utility General Manager Ken Johnson recently gave an update on that project and more.

“The largest capital project we have going on has been going on for almost a year. It is on Phillips Taylor Road,” Johnson said. “We are constructing a new pump station. It is a $3.2 million facility. We anticipate completion in the latter part of September.”

“This pump station has been discussed for around five years,” Johnson added. “The reason it is being put into place is because during the heavy wet weather season, it puts pressure on the lines going into our wastewater treatment plant. So, to deal with that temporary restriction, it was suggested by engineers that we needed to put in a new pump station to facilitate the wastewater in the system. Once it is completed, it should ease up on some of the problems we have been experiencing, especially during the wet seasons and primarily during the winter months. We will be able to easily transport the water through the system out to our wastewater treatment plant.”

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