Cleveland Clean Water Pioneer Remembered for Vision, Diligence

Jul 17, 2019

The man who helped initiate efforts to clean up the Cuyahoga River was remembered in Cleveland Friday. 

Ben Stefanski, Jr. served as utilities director under former Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes in the 1960s. Stefanski helped create the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and pass a $100 million bond issue to clean up the river, something his brother Marc said even Mayor Stokes did not think would win approval. 

“You know, that was unprecedented. He was going out on a limb, taking on a huge, huge problem and we admired him for it. He was diligent and wouldn’t necessarily take no for an answer,  even from the mayor of the city of Cleveland.”

The Stefanski family founded Third Federal Savings and Loan. Marc Stefanski remains CEO. Ben was a banker, an entrepreneur, and a public servant who Marc said convinced people to care about the quality of the water. 

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