Flooding and Aging Infrastructure Makes It Harder to Keep Water Clean

Jun 14, 2019

On this West Virginia Morning, an increase in heavier rain events is putting stress on Kentucky’s aging water infrastructure, and we hear another installment from this week’s Inside Appalachia episode on breastfeeding.

Returning to work after giving birth can be hard, regardless of how parents choose to feed their babies. Roxy Todd has this story about how it affects moms who breastfeed.

About 97 percent of Kentuckians have access to clean water, but much like systems in West Virginia, the infrastructure that makes that possible is aging and in dire need of repair. The American Society of Civil Engineers reports Kentucky needs about $15 billion to upgrade its drinking and wastewater infrastructure. In part one of a two-part series, Becca Schimmel from member station WKYU takes a look at how flooding impacts homes and the water folks rely on.

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