Those Flushable Wipes Probably Aren't Flushable After All

May 29, 2019

Listen, we get it: when you have newly potty-trained kiddos (or just kiddos in general, let's be honest), wet wipes can become your best friend. Learning to wipe properly takes time! And those wet wipes are just so convenient. We all know by now that regular baby and wet wipes should go in the trash and not the toilet. But there are also several flushable wet wipes on the market, and a lot of parents use them in the bathroom. As convenient as they are, though, they can cause some pretty big problems in your pipes. Turns out, even if those flushable wet wipes are technically flushable, they don't disintegrate the same way toilet paper does. And that can add up to costly repairs down the road. If you've been flushing those flushable wet wipes down the toilet, you're going to want to read this.
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