Community’s opinion split on Paducah’s storm water infrastructure fee

May 23, 2019

PADUCAH — $2.27 million of your taxpayer dollars are going to a program to protect against flooding. We’re talking about the city of Paducah’s storm water infrastructure master plan.

That means that you would have to pay a monthly fee of $6.13, even if your home isn’t impacted by flooding. Businesses will have to pay a bigger fee.

Kari Edwards lives on Oceancrest Drive off of Pecan Drive, right by the creek. She says flooding is a concern when rain levels are high.

“It comes up onto our driveway which is why our driveway is falling apart,” Edwards says. “I know our neighbors down the street their whole backyard flooded,”

Edwards says she’s willing to pay if that means it’ll fix her neighborhood. “Paying the $6 a month would help the neighborhood in general,” Edwards says.

Just a couple miles away, Cheri Cherry stays dry at her house on the hill. “There’s no worry about flooding up here,” Cherry says. She doesn’t agree with having to pay a fee, she says the flooding issue should’ve been taken care of a long time ago.

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